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Devon F.

SAS is the only place I take my 1988 Volvo 240 for repairs. They are fellow Volvo enthusiasts and they never seem to bat an eye at my outdated set of wheels. These guys are pros at working on these luxury cars and here I am showing up with my project car and they don't treat me any different than a guy with the brand new BMW. They are fair with their pricing and honest with their work. They will always let you know what else may need attention in the near future, but they will never try to force it upon you. Also, if they notice little things that need adjusting, they might even be kind enough to fix it free of charge provided you are having other things serviced. They are a real stand up shop and I am grateful for all they have done for me and my young timer Volvo.

Al L.

This shop is awesome and honest. Son dropped off his BMW 745 due to issues with the parking brake and brakes making a bad noise. I had recently fixed the brakes and was confused on the issue. SAS inspected the brakes, turns out there was gravel stuck in the calibers from son's driveway causing the noise and a simple recalibration of the parking brake fixed everything. When he got the bill, SAS said no charge. Amazingly honest, very professional, and they know BMWs.

Harmony K.

I have been coming here for years with a couple of different German cars. I love the service. Paul and Scott have always been great. They get you in and out without breaking my bank.

If I lived out of town and needed a repair, you can bet I would drive to Reno to get my car taken care of.

Tom S.

We have been using this second generation shop for over 30 years and send anyone with a European car to them. Their mechanics are top notch and the business is run like businesses should be run. I rarely write reviews and am doing so to thank them for years of excellent service.

Nicole L.

Really appreciate these guys! I've had some pesky problems with my Audi Q5, and they were extremely thorough and went the extra mile (even on a Friday evening) to help me out.

They tend to be busy (i.e. in high demand, not necessarily a bad thing) so I'd call early to get an appointment. I will keep going here for all of my Audi needs!

Andrew H.

Traveling across Nevada, my headlight went out. The fellas at the shop were able to replace the part in less than 10 minutes and for a great price. Extremely satisfied!!

Rubisel H.

Well, Nevada hasn’t been nice to my BMW and the mechanics have been far worse. Lucky for me I found SAS, these guys are great! Best prices in town, honestly for the labor as well as friendly front desk help. I was able to come in and get helped right away! I know where I'll be coming for any future repairs or automotive needs!

Rochelle W.

Wanted to comment on the absolutely unbelievable job done by Paul to help us with our Volvo! We were totally blown away by an electrical problem and he personally took the time to use every trick he had in the book to get it to work without requiring parts. Refused to take a tip - and I would have offered him our first child under the stress we had. LOL 🙂

It's only a place like Reno that has people who really do go at it 150%. We are so grateful! We remain loyal customers for a very good reason, and Paul is it! (No offense to the other employees)

Tami Jo M.

Thank you Scott and Paul for taking your time to educate me about my new Audi; and, thank you to your team for taking great care of me when diagnosing my 328i issues and conducting a thorough review of my 2016 Audi Q5. I really appreciate you!!!

Heidi M.

CAN I GIVE 6 STARS?! I have been taking my Volvo here for a few years. Always quality service for a reasonable price. However, I must mention my most recent experience. It was Friday afternoon about 4:30 and the flap on the gas tank flew off when filling up. A piece went flying and was lost underneath another car. As a "Hail Mary" I hauled booty over to SAS because I had tried calling and the line was busy. I got there about 10 minutes before closing. Despite being clearly very busy with other customers, Scott took my remaining parts and personally stepped away from the desk to repair the flap for me. All for about $26! I really appreciated him staying late on a Friday to help me with my problem. I had no idea what this would cost and was extremely happy with the low cost and accommodating attitude. This place is the best!

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