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Volkswagen Car Repair and Service in Reno, NV

Volkswagens are known for being high-quality vehicles, but regular maintenance will keep them running at their best. Be sure to have all your Volkswagen’s maintenance done by a Volkswagen-certified repair facility like SAS Automotive in Reno!

Here are some essential maintenance tasks that Volkswagen owners will need to remember:

    • Regular Oil Changes Volkswagen recommends oil changes every 5,000 miles or every six months, more frequently if you engage in off-road driving. Regular oil changes help keep your VW’s engine running smoothly and will prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your engine.

    • Tires Your VW’s tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles to ensure even wear and prolong their life. If you take your VW off-roading, you’ll need to pay particular attention to your tires and suspension, as off-road driving is more likely to damage tires or throw off vehicle balance. Off-roading may require more frequent rebalancing and additional inspection of your VW’s suspension.

    • Brake System Brake pads and rotors should be inspected every 10,000 miles to ensure they are in good condition and can stop the car safely. Typically brake pads and rotors will need to be replaced between 30,000 and 80,000 miles, though their longevity is affected by where and how you drive.

    • Air Filter Replacement Air filters should be evaluated every year, and replaced every 20,000-40,0000 miles to maintain good air flow to the engine. Remember, desert driving can mean that your air filter needs more frequent replacement, so have it checked each time you have your oil changed.

    • Transmission Fluid If your VW has a manual transmission, Volkswagen recommends a transmission fluid change every 30,000-60,000 miles to ensure smooth gear shifting and prevent transmission damage. If you have an automatic, that timeframe is extended to 60,000-100,000 miles.

    • Timing Belt (or chain) Some Volkswagens have timing belts, some have timing chains, This part allows the camshaft, balance shaft and crankshaft to rotate in synchrony, moving valves and pistons without allowing them to strike each other. Chains are more durable and can last for the life of your car, but  belts are less so and may need replacing. If your VW has a timing belt, it’s a good idea to have it checked at 60,000 miles. If you have a timing chain, you’ll want to have the tensioner checked periodically. If you hear a rattling noise on startup, or your check engine light appears, this can indicate timing chain problems. Failure of this important part can cause serious engine damage, so be sure to have one of our VW-certified mechanics at SAS Automotive check it out.

It’s important to follow Volkswagen’s recommended maintenance schedule to prevent costly repairs and keep your car running at its best. Additionally, regular check-ups and tune-ups by SAS Automotive’s VW-certified mechanics can help to catch any potential problems early, preventing more serious issues.

Volkswagens that we service at SAS Automotive in Reno, NV:

Hatchback Volkswagens:

  • Golf: C-segment hatchback. Traditionally the best-selling car in Europe.
  • Polo: B-segment hatchback or supermini. Two generations (Mk5 and Mk6) are currently produced alongside each other for certain markets.
    • Volkswagen Polo
    • Volkswagen Polo Mk1
    • Volkswagen Polo Mk2
    • Volkswagen Polo Mk3
    • Volkswagen Polo Mk4
    • Volkswagen Polo Mk5
    • Volkswagen Polo G40
    • Volkswagen Polo GTI R5
    • Volkswagen Polo Playa
    • Volkswagen Polo R WRC
    • Polo Track

Sedan/Liftback Volkswagens:

  • Arteon: D-segment fastback or four-door coupe.
  • Jetta/Sagitar/Vento
    • Volkswagen Jetta (A1)
    • Volkswagen Jetta (A2)
    • Volkswagen Jetta (A5)
    • Volkswagen Jetta (A6)
    • Volkswagen Jetta (A7)

Station Wagon Volkswagens:

  • Golf Variant/Sportwagen
    • Volkswagen Golf Mk1
    • Volkswagen Golf Mk2
    • Volkswagen Golf Mk3
    • Volkswagen Golf Mk4
    • Volkswagen Golf Mk5
    • Volkswagen Golf Mk6
    • Volkswagen Golf Mk7
  • Passat
    • The European market Passat

SUV/Crossover Volkswagens:

  • Atlas/Teramont
  • Atlas Cross Sport/Teramont X
  • Taos/Tharu
  • Tiguan
  • Tiguan Allspace
  • Tiguan X
  • Touareg

 If you experience any of these sorts of problems, call the professionals at SAS Automotive in Reno. Our certified mechanics will ensure that problems are correctly diagnosed, that you get an accurate cost estimate, and that any necessary repairs are done correctly. With proper care and maintenance, your Volkswagen will continue to provide you with the luxury and performance you expect, for years to come!

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