March 2

Why Use A BMW-Certified Mechanic?


If you own a BMW, chances are that you’ve heard of the importance of using a mechanic who is certified to work on the vehicle. You may be wondering, though: why take that extra step? Why not just have your local repair shop do all your maintenance and repairs? This blog post explores why it’s so important to use a BMW-certified mechanic like those at SAS Automotive in Reno.

The Benefits of BMW Certification

There are real advantages to using an expert who has been professionally trained and certified by BMW for their knowledge of vehicles like yours. Using a BMW-certified mechanic will free you from worry about minor problems becoming major issues because of faulty repairs, as brand-certified technicians like those at SAS Automotive in Reno have access to the latest technology and resources needed to ensure the best results. We specialize in all required maintenance for BMW models, offering superior service with dealership-level expertise. Our mechanics are trained to diagnose and repair any issue that arises, quickly and accurately. We can also recommend preventive maintenance measures to keep your car running efficiently, and to help you avoid more expensive repairs down the road. 

Quality Parts,  Knowledgeable Technicians, and Guaranteed Work

BMW-certified mechanics have the experience and knowledge necessary to make the best repairs possible, and to manage those repairs within a reasonable timeframe. Additionally, BMW-certified mechanics are well-qualified to work with the OEM, or Original Equipment Manufactured, parts used on BMWs at SAS Automotive. OEM parts are identical to those being replaced, and typically any warranty you have will remain in place with their use. OEM parts help ensure that your car will continue to run smoothly and efficiently, so you can avoid worrying about your BMW’s repairs. Finally, because our maintenance and repairs are handled by BMW-certified mechanics, we’re happy to provide warranty-backed repair work, to ensure that if anything goes wrong after service, you’ll be covered.

If you want confidence in your BMW care, repairs performed by reliable professionals, quality parts, and comprehensive diagnostics for even the most complex problems, trust your BMW to SAS Automotive in Reno. Next time you’re searching for a “BMW repair shop near me,” give us a call!


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